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Made of Stars

I recently received an email from a woman who came across the book. She told me of some drug-related incidents in her life and thanked me for my openness. It is sad to hear of people losing loved ones to drugs/alcohol, but her reciprocated honesty and openness was truly touching to me. This was my response to her--it is an important reminder that we are more than we often believe ourselves to be.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I believe that all of us are so much more powerful than we could ever imagine. The power we possess simply lies dormant beneath the surface and never gets tapped into because of a limiting belief system. Drugs and/or alcohol make matters even worse because they numb and diminish who and what we are. We are particles of God! We are made of Stars! Our purpose is to shine brightly and yet most of us do the exact opposite. We hide and make excuses. We procrastinate or stay "busy." We lie to ourselves and everyone else around us by projecting an image that is more often than not the exact opposite of who we really are.

The most liberating thing about losing everything and bottoming out was that when I resurfaced, I was no longer afraid to be Me. To say, do, and act in ways that felt genuine and real, to live authentically... It feels better than anything! It doesn't please everyone around me but thats not my job or any of my business. I am here to do my dance. It is my dance and not anyone else's. Some days, I will look as graceful as Misty Copeland and other days, I will look as awkward as Joe Cocker performing "I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends" at Woodstock (on YouTube). It doesn't matter because, again, it is my dance! If it pleases people, great, and if it doesn't please people, then that's great too. Thank you for reading my book!"

Remember who you are and don't let yourself or others convince you otherwise. Do YOUR dance and do it well!

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